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A Premium Subscription Box For Connessieurs








1st Pillar

This is the catapult to drive product awareness and revenue generation.  This would be the stepping stone to creating your marketing strategy and foundation to build on for years to come.  

We will help setup and provide a simple template and road map to follow for the years to come. This is where you can see the ROI and it all comes together with our proven strategy and social engagement.

brand awareness & strategy
2nd pillar

This is a TEAM effort and we understand what it takes in order to move from a "one of many" to a select key brand.  This can be specific for growers - who are wanting to create that brand awareness - be a standout at the local shops.  This can be for your dispensary - wanting more customers to come in the door, generating more sales, which equals more profit.  This can be for a kick ass product you have developed need help getting the word out, we are here for you.

layout & design
3rd pillar

This is where we excel and can provide the most assistance.  You probably already have a product/store and are good at what you do to get it to this point.  What you need is that fuel or ignition to launch your business to the forefront.  Today you need to stand out and differentiate yourself from others in order to be that lead brand or top shop. What are you going to do different?  How are you going to gain customers? How are you going to be that brand people ask for?


420GB ConnoissuerBox

Your box, Your terms, it's that simple...

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Get Your Box


The Connoisseur Box is our flagship offering and available only twice a year!  What can you expect in your Connoisseur Box?

  • New Products - Promotional Items - Gear - Rigs
  • Water Pipes - Bongs - Pipes - Cones - Papers
  • Grinders - Storage Containers - Stash
  • Snacks - Stickers - Info - Treats - Gadgets

Best of all, your not locked into a subscription and the Connoisseur Box available to everyone! Every Connoisseur Box will contain the 6 staples for 420 enjoyment: Bong, Pipe, Cones/Papers, Grinder, Storage, and Lighter.  Each 420GB ConnoisseurBox will have a key theme and incorporated products.


We Do Care . . 

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Doing our part

As we welcomed legalization into Washington State, we knew we had to get on the wagon.  With so much potential and an endless road for opportunity we started to see some kick ass gear and paraphernalia being made.  We thought, what if we can become that highway for getting new products and gear to the people?  What if we could help these new companies with distribution?  What if.... we developed a team and company to accomplish this?  Welcome 420GB, a company dedicated to bringing you the latest, quality, unique, and innovative gear for your smoking experience!

One other thing that differentiates us from the other "me too" product companies out there is that we use EcoEnclose boxes!  We want to do our part in promoting environmental responsibility and have selected a partner that does just that. Their boxes are 100% Recycled, Reusable, Biodegradable, Recyclable, and Sustainable. These are the boxes that you will receive from 420GB (420GreenBox), doing what we can, one 420GB shipment at a time......